460 South Band
Country, Southern Rock, Blues, Variety
The 460 south band is a Country, Southern rock band from Lynchburg, Va...we hope that each fan enjoys our show. If y'all have any questions or concerns please send your feedback...we would love to hear from all our fans :) We are a Team of seasoned, Professional, and top quality musicians bringing the best Country and Southern Rock to your town or City. We play a variety of original and cover songs from the past to present. If you hear about the 460 South band coming to your town WE PROMISE YOU A GREAT SHOW!!!!

Alma Hesson
My name is Alma Abisia Hesson,I was born and raised in a small town called Dau, in the Philippines. I was about 13 years old when I realized that singing is what I wanted to do in life. My dad bought my first guitar for my birthday and I've been strumming ever since. I sang in school plays, they gave me the confidence I needed to perform in front of audiences.

Apple Butter Soul
Jazz, Funk, R&B
Apple Butter Soul is one of the region's most electrifying Jazz, Funk, and R&B bands. The group features Josh Brinkman on alto and tenor sax, Ty Scott on keyboard, C.T. Bailey on bass and guitar, and Fred Jackson on drums. Apple Butter Soul will surely have you out of your seats and on the dance floor. You don't want to miss our shows!

Rock, Alternative Rock
Avenue was formed in July 2012. Avenue features Asher Sizemore on vocals and guitar, Will Cheatham on guitar, Jonathan Hart on bass and vocals and Zane Watts on drums. We do more than just play through some classic rock covers, we put on a show. Avenue is the rock of Lynchburg.

Bigfoot County
Psychedelic Rock, Jam
Bigfoot County is a group of musicians paying tribute to the Grateful Dead one show at a time. Bigfoot County was formed in 2010 when a group of friends, who share a love for the music of The Grateful Dead, got together in drummer Sam Navarre's basement to jam. Since then, they have become a critically acclaimed live act playing to packed houses every show : "Big Foot County has developed a following that often leaves standing (or dancing) room only. With their authenticity and true admiration for the Dead, the band has found a niche in the growing musical community."--Magazine33. With an ever growing repertoire of Grateful Dead songs to choose from and exploratory improvisational jams, Bigfoot County's live show is not to be missed.

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Rock, Hard Rock, Metal
BLACKOUT brings you the best in HARD ROCK from the Central VA area!!! With 3 lead singers, great musicianship, and a high energy stage show, BLACKOUT delivers original music from their CD "Blackout: Vol. I", mixed with covers that pay tribute to the best hard rock and metal from the 80's, 90's, and today!!!

Christian, Thrash, Metalcore
We are a thrash/metalcore band that has only one purpose and that is to see souls brought to the saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Craig Hanson and the Gypsies
Indie, Rock, Alternative
From Solo to Full Band, Originals and Covers, Ledbelly to Sublime.

Rock, Rock & Roll, Southern Rock, Country

Country, Classic Rock
If there is any group that knows what it takes to adapt to the ever changing world that is music... Diamondback is that group. Technically tagged as a country / classic rock group, Diamondback brings so much more to bear in their shows. Their rich blend of musicianship and harmonies allows them to offer a wide variety of music. Based out of central southern Virginia, Diamondback has been a staple of top quality entertainment for almost 15 years.

Rock, Country, Dance
Dragonfly plays an exciting blend of high energy rock, country and dance music. With an extensive song list and a lot of surprises, you're sure to have a great time at a Dragonfly show!

Firecracker Jam
Jazz, Swing, Funk, Americana, Rock
Firecracker Jam is a Mandolin Driven Swingin' Rockin' Jazzy Jammin' Bluesy Funkin' SlamGrass band. Firecracker Jam plays a wide variety of dance music ~ from Jazz, Swing, Funk, Americana, Rock, Rock-a-Billy, Classic Rock, Alice in Chains, Grateful Dead, Phish & Pink Floyd. Their musical talent & ability is second to none!

Glass Oaks
Americana, Soul, Blues Rock
Inspired by J.D. Salinger's series of short stories about the Glass family, Glass Oaks was the only one that stuck. Since their emergence as a full-fledged band, Glass Oaks has been well-received by audiences and critics wherever they play. Their first five-song E.P., released August 19, 2013, was completely fan-funded by a Kickstarter campaign that lasted only a month. The quartet continues to tour the mid-Atlantic while writing new music established in the tradition of Americana, Soul, and Blues Rock.

Green Earrings
Steely Dan Tribute
The ten members of Lynchburg, Virginia, based Green Earrings bring a myriad of experiences and influences together in a quest to accurately replicate the sounds of Steely Dan. Looking at this as one of the penultimate challenges in the world of the jazz/rock ensemble, these experienced musicians spent over a year in rehearsal, perfecting their sound. The result is "the closest thing to being there" you're likely to encounter, unless you are sitting in the audience at a Steely Dan show.

Acoustic Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative
Phenomenal young musicians and alternative rock performing artists. Sully is singer-songwriter and mulit-instrumentalist and in charge of Harbor's lyrical agenda. Alex is a ripping funkadelic bassist who, with roots in funk and jazz fusion, brings exceptional variety with his fantastic bass playing. Levi is a well-trained, exceptionally talented percussionist and official dope beat creator of Harbor. With this combination of unique individuals, Harbor never fails to create thought-provoking and simultaneously mind-imploding music.

Country, Pop, Rock, R&B
Hazel is a variety band convering everything from country, pop, rock, r/b and more. "Hazel" is a perfect fit for any event! Branching off from "The Almost Brothers" - Lauren Smyk, Brian McGee, Gary Eubanks & new comer Will Cheatham on lead guitar.

Heroes For Ghosts
Progressive, Hardcore
We are Heroes For Ghosts. A band emerging fresh out of Lynchburg, VA. We are passionate about what we do and put our all into our music. We have a full length 12 song album out with a 5 song EP on the way! So keep an ear out and we'll see you at the show!

Hot Like Cajun
Blues, Rock, Jam, Funk
We are Hot Like Cajun! "Blues Rooted Jam Rock" from Lynchburg, Virginia. We blend harmonies with blues rooted rock, fused with funk, jam, and soul elements. We love to jam it out and get down. We love to play our originals, and we work hard at it! But we also enjoy throwin' down on some choice covers and make them our own.

Jodie Davis
Acoustic, Folk, Rock, Pop, Blues and Jazz
I arrange and perform live versions of favorites from the 50's to today, covering country, rock, pop, blues and jazz. I also do some original music.

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John Sines, Jr.
Country, Gospel
John has performed songs of faith, family and country at festivals, fairs, fire department fundraisers, race tracks, corporations, theaters, churches and other family friendly events! His live show consists of positive country music that sounds much like that of Merle Haggard, Alan Jackson and Randy Travis while rooted in the principles of gospel music.

Jupiter's Incense
Progressive, Rock
Jupiter's Incense is a progressive metal band operating out of Lynchburg, Virginia. The quartet is comprised of Will Gardner (vocals, guitar), Jody Wolford (lead guitar, vocals), Michael Zimmerman (bass, vocals), and Todd Pope (drums).

Lynchburg Symphony Orchestra

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Mel Parker
Rock & Roll, Blues, Country
Singer/songwriter Mel Parker always gives you his best with classic sounds of satisfaction. The versatile crooner covers a wide range of genres from Pop, Old School Rock, and Blues to Traditional Country and Standard Classics. If you like Jim Reeves, Patsy Cline, George Strait, Jimmy Reed, Ray Charles or Elvis then you are sure to be pleased by Mel Parker as he will remind you of many great artists with his songs.

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Mercutio began in 2009 when two friends from Lynchburg, Michael Chagnon and Geoffrey Osborne, took to the road for a week long tour of Florida with the new acoustic act they had put together over their final months in college. By 2010 Michael and Geoffrey had established a steady base of support around Virginia, quit their jobs and moved into a house which they converted into a recording studio and business office. From this base of operations the duo, now called Mercutio, recorded their eponymous debut EP (released late in 2011) and in 2012 drummer Ken Brand joined the group for the sessions that would become "Self Titled," the band's first full-length record, released in February 2013. Ken called on former bandmate Charlie Boyd to play bass on tour in support of the new record and after a dizzying four weeks on the road Mercutio's line up was solidified. Mercutio has appeared on ABC, PBS, independent radio across Virginia and North Carolina, and on stages in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, Richmond, and everywhere in between. Five hundred shows later the band still returns to Lynchburg to write, record, and perfect their craft in between weekly outings across the mid-Atlantic.

Out of Spite
Rock, Country, R&B
Out of Spite is a Rock n Roll band that covers classic and current Rock n Roll tunes with a touch of Country and R & B for good measure. Out of Spite's influences come from a wide variety of artists. The list includes Pearl Jam, KISS, Motley Crue, Metallica, Jimmy Hendrix, and C.C.R., along with artists like Stone Temple Pilots and ZZ Top.

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Pier 19
Pier 19 has been together over six years now and enjoys playing the music of a number of popular artists including Third Day, Casting Crowns, Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, Jeremy Camp, David Crowder Band and many others, as well as positive music from mainstream artist such as Switchfoot, Daughtry and Owl City. We play a great blend of worship songs, original songs and more up-tempo songs and tailor our set list to best serve the need of the venue we are playing (i.e. outdoor youth event vs. indoor worship service). Our original songs are lyrically Biblical from the slow worship song to the pop or up-beat rockin' tune. God has blessed each of our members with a passion for Him and we love using our gifts and talents to praise Him!

Rare Form
Country, Rock, Dance
RareForm is Cenral Virginia's premier modern country cover band.You have to see RareForm live at a show working the crowd as they interact with the audience and make them part of the show.

Riddle on the Harp
Celtic, Traditional
Riddle on the Harp is a celtic and traditional music band made up of three women from Bedford County, Virginia. What started out as two neighbors learning traditional tunes from the British Isles gave birth to something more. Now a trio, the Riddle women consider their success a series of miracles... More than a decade and four CDs later, we still enjoy every opportunity to celebrate the gift of music.

Rusty Eklund
Rusty Eklund is an international musician, teacher, and adventurer. He plays percussion in his drumming ensemble, Guerrilla Drummers, 12-string harp in his international touring band, Vagabon Tribe, and teaches west African percussion, concert brass, and concert percussion. He is a certified teacher who holds a BA in mathematics education and ethnomusicology from The Evergreen State College. Rusty lived and studied in Mali, Guinea, Mauritania, and Senegal for 11 years. He has presented the musicology of west Africa and performed at dozens of universities and schools across three continents. He continues to perform internationally, having shared the stage with Grammy-winner Toumani Diabate, and many other international performers.

Sam Austin and Silverline
Born and raised in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Sam Austin knows what it means to be "country". Picking up the guitar as a young boy, Sam's hobby soon became a passion. In his late teens he began performing solo acoustic shows. As he continued with his acoustic shows his popularity continued to grow, leading to larger audiences and networking with other talented musicians. Sam Austin and Silverline was formed in 2007. Sam Austin and his band have seen their star steadily rise in the central Virginia region. They maintain a full performance schedule in a wide variety of venues.

Soul, Pop
Season3 is a confluence of musical styles and backgrounds that leads you on a journey of musical discovery, and features the songwriting of Christopher Hewat (Vocals/Guitar), the Cosmic Groove of Dave Hanowitz (Percussion/Vocals) and Eric Hollandsworth (Bass/Vocals). A mixture of backgrounds - Christopher's L.A. influences, Dave's Rock and Funk grooves and Eric's Classical and Jazz - combine to form a contemporary furthering of the Indie Rock sound.

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Christian, Rock
We're a Christian rock band whose #1 goal is serving GOD. We write/record music with a purpose, and love rocking out on stage. What started out as 3 people just making music for fun sort of exploded into the 5-piece hard rock band that Singleside is today. We believe that God has brought us together - from different regions of Virginia - to make music that people enjoy, and that glorifies Him. Each member of Singleside has a different musical experience and perspective that they add to the music we create. Our backgrounds in music and life in general are all unique and offer something for everyone.

Rock, Classic Rock
Starfyre is composed of a very diverse group of people that have come together for the purpose of providing a high quality musical experience to you our friends, family and fans. We all very much enjoy what we are doing and hope that you will too.

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Steal The Prize
Rock, Jam
Steal The Prize is a groove-driven rock'n'roll group based out of Lynchburg, Virginia. Since 2006, Steal The Prize have spent years defining their sound, vigorously performing live, and characterizing a unique regional music community. Working along side the fans, and other like-minded songwriters, the community strives to spread awareness to promote a united vision of originality in both music and culture.

The Handsome Bandits
Metal, Nascore
In a world where people think you have to take yourself seriously to be cool, five men are about to punch this prevailing assumption in the face.

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The House Band of VA
R&B, Soul, Funk, Dance
The BIGGEST, BADDEST, R&B, Funk, Soul and Dance band in Central Virginia...and beyond!

the late virginia summers
Instrumental, Experimental, Avant Garde
Having survived a handful of lineup changes, TLVS is currently a two piece that works with other artists from time to time. Sonically, the group plays off both the shoegazing bliss of the 90's & the ambient texture of 21st century post rock.

The Maplewaves
Americana, Shoegaze, Indie, Rock
This is the songwriting collaboration between Logan Stamm and Nathan Ritz. Americana-Shoegazing tunes from an indie rock band with feelings.

The McKenzies
Traditional, Folk
We are first and foremost musical performers offering a wide variety of traditional, folk, and original music & dance. We play guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, octave mandolin, penny whistle, recorder, concertina, bodhran, limberjack and feet!

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The Ruckus
Rock, Rap, Blues, Reggae, Soul, Funk, Jam
With influences ranging from blues rockers like The Allman Brothers, to Alt Rockers like Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Jazz Legends like Buddy Rich, to Funksters like Prince and Outkast, it took The Ruckus a lot of time onstage to find "our sound". By the time of the recording of our debut album, "A Light Inside", we not only found it, we found that it was unique - something that was ours and only ours - something that transcended our years of playing cover songs.

The Sonic Circus Parade
The Sonic Circus Parade promises you a show that will leave you CRAVING for the next one - or freaked out. Either way, you'll get your money's worth. You'll be UP ALL NIGHT in a rock n' roll ball of flames. Look for us to BURN DOWN YOUR TOWN soon!!

The Wright 3
Bluegrass, Celtic, Folk, Jazz
Three brothers who love listening, playing, and writing music. They started playing their individual instruments before they each turned 10 and when they realized they were good enough to carry a tune together, they started the band now known as The Wright 3. Playing shows around their hometown is what they like to do when they can get them and exploring their musical creativity always keeps them on their musical toes.

Metal, Heavy metal, Thrash, Hardcore
THIKHED has hard hitting riffs, erie tones, heavy breakdowns mixed with a vocal style that ranges from melodic, to wretching screams and thrashy verses. THIKHED has a unique sound, all original music and some very top beat and off the wall instrumentals. THIKHED has been together and writing music since early 2000 and has been writing music ever since. With the addition of a new vocalist in 2013 and a pallet of new material they are preparing for a loud summer of gigs playing locally and regionally. Certainly a show not to miss if you are looking for an original sound and some level headed metal fiends to entertain you.

Vokal Fuzion
Rock, Pop, R&B, Country, Dance
One of Central Virginia's premier musical groups, Vokal Fuzion performs the best of classic and contemporary Rock, Pop, R&B, Country and Dance music!

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Water Within
Acoustic, Indie, Christian
Mary Pat and Whitney met in college with no intent of ever becoming such good friends. God quickly showed them that He had a plan to use them to make music together and tell people about Himself through the truth of His word. They started out playing at Liberty University's Christmas Coffeehouse with 'The Band You're About To Hear' and after three years travelling with them, graduated in May 2011. With school out of the way, music is their livelihood and telling people about Jesus is their main priority. Water Within is an earful of tight harmonies singing insightful truth with an acoustic ambiance. The intentionality and passion behind their music is sure to give you a new perspective into the love of Jesus and the life He gives to those who follow Him.

Electronic, Alternative, Dance
The hard-hitting Electronic/Alternative outfit has been sweeping up audiences with a champion approach to the genre accompanied by an intoxicating live show.

Wild Card
Rock, Country
Wild Card has a combined experience of over 100 years of playing music. So when they say they do a little bit of everything, thats exactly what you are going to get. From Otis Redding to 3 Doors Down, and everything in between, all of your favorite songs will be brought to life with boot stompin music and tight harmonies.

Rock, Pop, Country, Dance, Variety
Wysteria is a variety band powered by Desiray Beagle’s soulful vocals and veteran musicians Mike Hilario on guitar and bassist Spike Worley. Rounding out the band is the latest addition, Cody Kesling, a young powerhouse drummer and music teacher from the Danville area. The live show is geared towards entertaining the crowd with popular country, rock and dance tunes. Wysteria's goal is to play energetic music for everyone to enjoy from the first song to the last. Wysteria will keep you on your feet and wanting more!